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Issue: Asperger's

There's a lot of useful information on this page, but here's the gist of it:

AIT helps with:

  • hypersensitivities (hearing and other senses)
  • social skills.

Once the senses calm down and normalize, we find improvement in many areas including ability to attend to the subtle social cues that effect social skills.

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AIT (Auditory Integration Training) reduces or eliminates many of the signs and symptoms of Asperger's quickly.


  • Sensory issues and hypersensitivity can diminish or resolve completely.
  • Speech and language improve.
  • Fewer “over-loads” and a reduction in "self-stimming" behaviors.
  • Behavior and learning can improve.
  • Mood and social skills often improve.
  • We often see improvements in hearing and many other areas such as vision, taste, smell, touch, balance, coordination, processing information and hand writing, etc.

Who can benefit?

Anyone three years and older, including adults and people of all ages.

How does it work?

AIT uses filtered and modulated frequencies imbedded in pleasant music to help re-train the auditory system and normalize the way the brain processes information. If one can hear and process more accurately, one can understand and speak more accurately and clearly which can help in many related areas such as social skills.

Does it work for everyone?

75-80% get positive benefits.

Is it difficult?  

AIT is easy to do. Just listen through headphones for two ½-hour sessions each day for 10 days. Most people find it calming, soothing, and relaxing. We have had only two children since 1994 who were not able to complete the program. Parents are usually surprised at how well and quickly most children respond.

Is AIT compatible with other therapies?

AIT is one of the few programs that is helpful for the treatment of Asperger's (a class of ASD - autism spectrum disorders.) By helping normalize brain functioning, AIT can allow the individual to utilize other therapies more effectively or eliminate the need for some. We therefore recommend that you use AIT before other programs.

Are all of your AIT programs the same?

No. Programs are individualized for each person based on the initial and mid-point evaluations.

Do I have to travel somewhere to participate?

No. Although we do offer in-office programs, most of our trainee/clients participate in the comfort and privacy of their homes. Of the 250 AIT practitioners in the US, we are one of the few who offer in-home programs.

In the past, only 10-day in-office programs were available. As such, the added expense of travel and lost time at school or work were difficult for many. When possible, we make the in-home program available because it is effective. It is part of our mission to make AIT available to as many people who need it as possible.

The only equipment you will need at home is a high-quality CD player with a headphone jack. We supply everything else, like a rental program, including high-quality headphones. We supervise and monitor your progress by telephone as you proceed through the program.

How much does it cost?

We make the program affordable by offering to work with insurance plans which may cover a portion of the fees. We also offer interest-free payment plans and financial aid, based on need. When you send in your forms and schedule the evaluation, we will check insurance benefits for you and inform you of coverage, scholarships and payment plans at the time of the evaluation.

Can AIT be repeated?

Yes, after giving some time for the brain and the senses to reorganize (approximately 6 – 9 months), we will re-evaluate to see if a repeat treatment is appropriate. Often repeating the AIT will bring continued improvements. We offer reductions in the fees when a repeat AIT is recommended.

Is there any scientific research?

Yes. There have been at least 28 Clinical Studies on AIT, and several very informative books on the topic.


  • 'Not only did it help our son's hyper-sensitive hearing, but he started taking showers for the 1st time at age 15!' - S.H. -- Father of 15 year old male with Asperger's Syndrome
  • We are happy to provide names and phone numbers of people who have used AIT and have offered to speak with others considering it.

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