The Berard Auditory Integration Training System has given us a ray of hope. Our daughter, Naomi, 4 years 11 months showed great improvement in language processing, sensory integration, and self-esteem over the 10 day therapy program. Over the last 2 years we have tried conventional speech therapy methods, which yielded very little to no results for her receptive and expressive language delay. On the evening of Day 6 of AIT, Naomi began talking in a more conversational format, asking and answering questions with very little delay. Family members and friends have commented on the very obvious change in her behavior, physical growth, and comprehension. She is beginning to try new foods, she is no longer squinting 1 eye when looking at things up close, her imagination has blossomed, and we have been able to have outings with very little disruption. Overall, we are seeing that she is more comfortable in different environments and not overwhelmed by sensory output. She shows more and more signs of being comfortable everyday.


“Thank you so much! Caleb is thriving! He attended Ohio Technical College and earned an Associate’s Degree in automotive repair and was valedictorian of his class. Graduation was right when COVID hit last spring. He was accepted into the BMW step program, which is an elite program for BMW technicians. With the pandemic, we talked him into delaying a bit and he worked full time at Valvoline and saved his money. That allowed him to pay for a single room apartment on his own while he lived in Orlando for 4 months this past March-July to attend the program full time. He is now back home and working full time at a BMW dealership and LOVING it. He started there in August and has already been flown to Atlanta twice for additional training. He has the smarts and work ethic they want. We are thrilled to have him home a bit longer while he plans his next steps. The little boy how would say “Mommy, shirt wet” before AIT, was saying “Mommy, my shirt is soaking wet. We need to change it,” a few weeks later. He has blossomed into a young man who is paying down school loans, working full time in a job he loves, and can give non-automotive people like his parents detailed, plain-English explanations of every car question we have. I believe to my bones that AIT was a huge factor in him unlocking his potential. Sensory integration therapy and a lot of hard work on his part did the rest. Have a wonderful holiday.” Jackie

Jacalyn Newman

Hi Sarah. Years ago, I did the AIT program through your ministry with my grandson Benjamin who was diagnosed with CAPD, autism, and sensory integration dysfunction. AIT was a turning point for him. I was homeschooling him. Yesterday he had his testing for college course placements and did exceptionally well–they said he scored in the top three highest scores they had seen in the last ten years. With no accommodations, he placed directly into calculus and, amazingly considering his early language problems and dysgraphia, also into advanced English. It takes a village. Thank you very much for your availability and for caring. Peace


We are seeing a definite improvement in how he is managing his life. Even though there is still a procrastination issue, he seems more motivated to work on his school work and is also much more aware of the consequences than he has been. He seems to be getting more of the whole picture instead of just the pieces.

~Sherry C

I am 31 years old and I have CAPD/APD. I was diagnosed in 5th grade with CAPD. They tried several strategies in school such as Ritalin, wearing a headset and the teacher wearing a microphone, and etc., but none of them seemed to work. I have struggled with it for years. My parents have taken me to countless therapists and they couldn’t get me to talk. I had very poor social skills. After I graduated from high school in 2003 I went on to Greenville Technical College. During my first years at Greenville Tech I was taking 4 classes at a time and I was struggling with keeping good grades. In one of my classes that I was taking I noticed that I wasn’t comprehending what I had learned. I didn’t know about AIT program until I told my friend Josh about my disorder and he told his mom. His mom looked up my disorder and found this program. In August 2010, I started the in home program of AIT and found that it was easy and convenient. After 2 months post AIT I started to noticeimprovements in my symptoms. I have taken 5 more courses of AIT, once in 2011, once in December 2015 and 3 in 2016. The last 3 were booster sets. I have noticed a big difference since I first started AIT program. I have noticed change in my confidence, my social skills, my grades, I am more focused, I am making decisions faster, and I am able to articulate questions with my instructors about assignments and etc. I went back to Greenville Tech in the Spring of 2015 because the Lord was telling me it was time to go back since I have done AIT in 2010. I am working on getting my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. I am also working at the child development center there at Greenville Technical College. Everyone around me has noticed changes and improvements including my Instructors. I still struggle with some of the symptoms of CAPD/APD. I have also gotten help at school with the Student Disabilities Office. I am making really good grades. I am engaged and getting married next May. I am halfway through the Early Childhood Program and I am looking to finish next Summer and graduate in December 2017.

Lacey Moody

His listening went from K.6 (kindergarten 6 month) to 2nd grade 2nd month! This is amazing! I am excited about this. . . Thanks again for keeping this work alive.


Our son, Steven, was experiencing hearing sensitivity issues as a cashier which was causing him to miss some work. After doing the AIT training, his hearing sensitivity has improved and is back to working his full schedule.”

Warren R.

Thank you for your help again. I do think this has been beneficial. We had an appointment the same day he finished his first [booster] CD and it went SO well. The doctor was amazed…. It seemed to give us gains in unexpected ways…. I plan to write bot this therapy we’ve done on my blog and also advertise your website as well. I share about it every chance I get.

Annie E.

Steven has just completed his 3rd 20-session AIT this time at 32 years old. We have seen a marked decrease in sound sensitivity and also an improvement in his behavior such as angry outbursts. ~Steven's father, Kenneth November 2015

Steven Holady

I found AIT easy and convenient to perform in the home. My son has shown some increased awareness of his surroundings and has been using more complex language. I look forward to seeing his progress in the coming months.

~M. Lucas, 2015

He LOVES AIT. We have a happier child that gets healthier and happier every week. My happy boy. This is a child that screamed all day long every single day for years! Biomed has helped tremendously along with diet modification (all organic and fresh), but AIT changed our lives!!! Ashton has started talking and we aren't prisoners in our own home anymore after AIT!! We are able to take him out into public and he is wonderful now. He used to scream every time he rode in the car, meltdowns wherever we went. Etc... After AIT he started changing, he was happier, behaviors started improving almost immediately, he would flush the toilet and turn on loud things and tell me it didn't hurt his ears anymore. He was able to cope riding in the car and absolutely loves it now. He can go into walmart without a meltdown. We put him in gymnastics and he is doing fabulous, he rides horses now and loves his lessons. He will start piano this September but can actually play by just listening to the keys. He is interacting with his sister, he is polite and social in public, he is improving everyday and we are getting to know our beautiful son’s personality! He is an excellent helper and protective big brother. He is brilliant and funny. He is catching up to his peers everyday! I would recommend AIT for sure!!! It truly has opened up our lives and most importantly it has given Ashton the opportunity to thrive in society and enjoy a good life, a happy and healthier way of life. We have done numerous other therapies as well!!! Don't leave any stone unturned! Thanking God that He opened the AIT door into our lives. It is a miracle and blessing beyond any testimonial! (I could go on and on) :-)))))

Jennifer Holloway

He has gained lots of words, …much more understanding and great eye contact… He is smarter that kids his age…

Ben K’s Mom

It’s like having a whole new husband!...happier, more relaxed, not depressed any more

Joy B. wife

After AIT, Steph was like a different child. Happier, more normal voice tone, doing better in school. What a pleasure

Steph’s Mom

Simeon “woke up” after AIT. He was able to focus and have better eye contact. He was able to “be there”

a. K Byrd, RN

I first encountered Simeon when assigned to his case working pediatric home health. He was 4 1/2 years old at the time.....a beautiful child who had multiple developmental delays due to spinal meningitis. Developmentally, Simeon was equivalent to a 6-8 month old. He was incontinent, tube fed, nonverbal, exhibited a flat affect, and had very little personal interaction with others. Physically, he was unable to sit upright for any length of time, preferred to be horizontal...in bed or on the floor. He was non-ambulatory and his means of getting around consisted of rolling or scooting on the floor. Simeon had a very limited attention span and frequent bouts of pronounced irritability.

Kathryn Byrd, RN

My eight year old daughter is a different child today as a result of the AIT program! She experienced 30 ear infections by the time she was seven years old. She spoke in a high-pitched tone and was diagnosed with hyper-acute hearing. She was also overly irritable. She suffered some difficulties in school. I always felt that her difficulties had something to do with her hearing. A year ago, she listened to the AIT CDs and it made all the difference! Our last teacher conference was a pleasure! Her audiogram indicated an improvement. She is a much happier child. Her voice is not as loud or high pitched. Throughout all, Sarah Gewanter was there as a professional...

Steph's Mother

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