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Make the halloween fall holiday successful for your child with autism or sensory sensitivity issues

Can you believe Halloween fall festivals are only 3 weeks away? As the parent of a child with autism or sensory sensitivity issues, it is important that you provide a safe, friendly alternative to the festivities. This means you have to be on your toes and able to “think outside the box” when it comes to planning your events.

Here are just a few suggestions to consider for making the holiday successful:

1. Instead of carving pumpkins, decorate them with magic markers, glitter and glue, acorns and fall leaves or fuzzy pom-poms and googly eyes. (found in almost any craft section).
2. Ask your friends and neighbors if they will have gluten-free or sugar-free treats available. If they aren’t planning for that, offer to provide them with a few things so that your child doesn’t feel “different” when trick-or-treating at their house.
3. Rehearse the trick-or-treating before dark on the day before by visiting the houses before the excitement begins so that the frightening decorations are more familiar and the child knows what to expect. For extravagant yards, ask the owners if your child can explore their yard during the day.
4. If going to or near noisy areas, plan ahead by decorating a pair of headphones that can be worn over the ears in a way that incorporates them into their costume. For instance, a child dressing as a mummy could cover the headphones with bandages (toilet paper or cotton balls will work for this); a princess could bejewel her headphones to match her crown; a superhero can adorn theirs with lightning bolts, shields, spiders or bats.

Whatever you do for the fall celebrations, we at Berard AIT hope it is a wonderful time with lots of great memories!

Shopping in the Mall on Labor Day sales

Went to the mall for the Labor Day sales. Hate shopping but wanted to get the sales. I saw the giant bungee cord game and thought of one of our recent kids did AIT. Little three-year-old Haylawho never would have left her mother side before AIT became so excited about the bungee jumping that she went ahead and did it on her own several times as a matter fact. I Heard about it from her mother but it wasn’t until I saw the actual bungee jumping set up that I saw what a big deal it really was. Go Hayla!

Today, I attended the Asheville autism Society 1K and 5K run and walk for autism!

Today my assistant and I attended the Asheville autism Society 1K and 5K run and walk for autism! Fortunately it was a lovely day the weather was perfect not too hot not too cold. It was greatto see everybody who turned out whether to walk or run and to help support the local chapter.

Can you send CDs to the Middle East for my 2-year-old son with autism spectrum disorders?

Yes! We can absolutely send the CD’s to the Middle East. All you will need is a CD player.

We have found Auditory Integration Training to be a very effective technique for individuals who have speech & language disorders, hearing sensitivity & distortion, ADD, CAPD, PDD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, sensory issues, dyslexia, certain depressions and other disorders.  Dr. Berard’s AIT is designed to help normalize hearing and the way the brain processes information.

To determine if Berard Auditory Integration Training is recommended:

Schedule the Initial Evaluation and Consultation Assessment to determine if AIT would be appropriate. This assessment includes a psychosocial, behavioral and developmental history review and a listening evaluation. To schedule your appointment or for other information, please call 828-683-6900 or email your inquiry to:  We offer an In-Office Evaluation (fee is $275.00) or a Phone Evaluation, (fee is $175.00) which can be completed by telephone and takes about 45 minutes. Forms for the evaluation and financial arrangements can be downloaded or filled in online from the website at:
Scholarships and interest-free payment plans are also available.

Getting Started — Berard Ait Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Who is a good candidate?
    Children (age 3 or older) and adults with learning difficulties, speech and language disorders, sensory issues including auditory, tactile or other sensory sensitivities (hyper or hypo), central auditory processing disorder (CAPD), dyslexia, pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity, anxiety, depression, poor eye contact, distractibility, concentration problems and other areas. Specifics will be determined and discussed in the evaluation.
  • What is the minimum age that someone can complete AIT? Maximum age?
    The youngest age recommended by Dr. Guy Berard is 3 years old. There is no maximum age. We have seen great results with all age ranges of people even into the elderly. Please contact us directly for more information regarding special situations.
  • Is financial aid available?
    Yes, based on financial need. Scholarship applications will be reviewed once the initial evaluation has been scheduled and will be discussed at the time of the evaluation.